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VMG_Horz_Logo_Light_BkgrdVirgin Money Giving, the 100% not-for-profit fundraising website, and the Women’s Sport Trust are joining forces to tell the greatest stories of women’s sport in a new series of 10-minute films entitled: “Giving 100%”.


The monthly series features two superstars from the world of women’s sport who have this unique and intriguing opportunity to meet – in many cases for the first time – and interview each other.

The film allows viewers to eavesdrop on their conversation. Standby for shared revelations, laughter, drama, stories, remembered pain and glory. The athletes discuss when, how and why they came to give 100% to their sport – and what happened next.



The films will be promoted across Virgin’s channels and released on a monthly basis via The Mixed Zone and the Virgin Money Giving YouTube channel.

Ep 1 : Charlotte Edwards and Kate Richardson Walsh
100% GivingCharlotte Edwards, the former England cricket captain, described as the greatest women’s cricketer of all time, talks to the GB hockey captain, Kate Richardson Walsh, on her way to Rio and celebrated for her heroic performance at London 2012 when she led her team to a bronze Olympic medal despite a broken jaw. Read the story.

Ep1 – trailer Watch Ep 1

Ep 2 : Becky James and Gail Emms
Two Olympic runners-up, Gail Emms from Athens and Becky James in Rio, compare silver medals and discuss everything from their respective post-podium celebrations to their domestic arrangements. Read the story.

Ep 2 – full (10 mins)  Ep 2 – short (5 mins)

Ep 3 : Kadeena Cox and Ellie Simmonds
untitledIn the third programme, Paralympians Kadeena Cox and Ellie Simmonds relive their memorable moments from Rio as well as their shared love of The Great British Bake Off. Read the story.

Ep 3 – trailer Ep 3 – full (10 mins) Ep 3 – short (5 mins)

Ep 4 : Katherine Grainger
katherine-screen-shot-1In episode 4, #Giving100Percent talks with GBs most decorated female Olympian Katherine Grainger. Read the story here.

Ep4 – trailer Ep 4 – long (10 mins) Ep 4 – short (5 mins)

“Like our sports women who give 100% in their chosen field, we see Virgin Money Giving fundraisers give their all to raise money for charity every day. They give 100%, so we think it’s only right that we help them get more money to their chosen cause by being 100% not-for-profit. We are delighted to be supporting the Women’s Sport Trust bringing these fantastic stories to life through “Giving 100%”. It’s a perfect fit.”
Jo Barnett, Executive Director of Virgin Money Giving

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