2017 – The Year of the Big Breakthrough for Women’s Sport.

A filmed tour de force by the redoubtable #SPOTY presenter and women’s sport campaigner on why 2017 was the most significant year yet for a breakthrough in women’s sport.

by Clare Balding


The England cricket team who won the World Cup and “stayed committed when it looked as though they were going to lose.”

“The biggest audience ever for a women’s football match on Channel 4,” when England played Holland in Euro semis.

England “reaching the final of the women’s Rugby World Cup, televised live on Saturday night on ITV…a fantastic match against New Zealand; I mean I really terrific match.”

“The audiences came to Women’s Sport this year.”

“They came in significant numbers to support. But they came in television viewers and radio listeners too.”

“Newspapers are SO SLOW to write about women’s sport. They’re missing the boat. It’s happening online.”

“I tell schoolgirls ; ‘You are the first generation who’ve gown up knowing that your sporting dreams can be as big as the boys’.”

“It’s a massive, massive leap forward”.

“I don’t think many [female athletes] want to be paid as much as men footballers. I think they think that’s ridiculous. And it is.”

“I think there’s a lot more to come. A lot more jostling to cover women’s sport. And that’s healthy. And that’s good. And that’s progress.”

Film by Ellie Kelly Productions. @EleanoreK

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  • 22nd January 2018 at 2:50 pm

    Good stuff! Hopefully the success will continue into 2018 and make the year great for women in sport as well.

    All the best from me!

    Best regards,


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